As the CEO of Shooter Detection Systems, Chris directs the efforts to commercialize technology to US Government, security, and commercial entities.

Chris led the market development of the Boomerang Shooter Detection System for Raytheon BBN Technologies, which has accounted for the operational fielding thousands of systems that he now markets to commercial entities for the protection of critical infrastructure.*

Chris founded Shooter Detection Systems in 2013 to advance the proven technology within Boomerang, and created the Guardian Indoor Active Shooter Detection System. Chris also worked with a US Defense Contractor to rapidly deploy Counter IED Systems to our soldiers around the world. Chris is a board member for several Department of Defense prime contractors and continues to invest in life-saving technologies for the DoD and commercial marketplaces.

All of these endeavors have a singular focus: To assist in saving lives through mitigating emergent threats.

*Mil-Com Security Solutions is Raytheon’s sole US commercial supplier of Boomerang and an SDS sister company.

“The most rewarding part of my career in the Department of Defense technology market was knowing that Boomerang saved over 250 of our troops lives in Iraq and Afghanistan. After Sandy Hook it became my mission to make this technology available and affordable for the commercial market. Today, with the industry partnerships we’ve forged, SDS is a force-multiplier to bring lifesaving solutions to customers across the globe.”


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