The Boomerang Shooter Detection System


Today, a hostile attack involving a firearm is one of the most common high-profile threats. Experts have long asserted that a coordinated and simultaneous attack on multiple transformers could have severe implications over a large geographic area, such as crippling the electricity network and causing widespread, extended blackouts. Such an event would have catastrophic economic and social consequences. Knowing the instant such an attack occurs is paramount to ensuring such consequences never become a reality.

Boomerang uses acoustic detection and computer-based signal processing to pinpoint small arms fire and immediately report the precise shooter location to authorities. The system can be mounted on vehicles, fixed structures such as poles and walls, or simply sit on a serviceman’s shoulder. Boomerang products were developed to be easily integrated into third-party systems for a more comprehensive site security plan.

Boomerang is available exclusively through Mil-Com Security Solutions, an SDS sister company.

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