The goal of this luxury retailer was to find a proven high-performance system they could trust to filter out false alerts, that would easily integrate with their existing VMS solution, tie in to existing alarm panels for zone alerting, and be unobtrusive in design to match the aesthetic of their luxury store. SDS and a local Authorized Guardian Integrator worked closely with the customer to map out sensors for optimal coverage of high threat areas and discuss their goals for systems integration and alerting capabilities. One of the biggest challenges facing the security team when considering any physical security upgrades is keeping to the aesthetic of their stores. At 4×4” and benign in design, the Guardian sensors look much like a standard electric wall plate, a feature that was appealing to the customer. The customer chose the DHS SAFETY Act Certified Guardian System based on its success with enterprise customers, the zero-false alert history, and ease of integration with existing security technologies.

With the installation and integration complete, the Director and his staff can pull up a shooter’s location via video on their mobile devices no matter where they are located. The Guardian system was also tied into the store’s alarm panels to provide zone alerting to gunshots in addition to the floor plan map, SMS and e-mail alerts that go out as a part of the core Guardian System capabilities.

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