For Rackspace, a leading managed cloud computing company in the San Antonio area, keeping their employees safe and happy at work is built-in as a part of the “Racker” culture. When the Director of Enterprise Physical Security learned about Guardian gunshot detection at ISC West in 2016, he understood that an early warning system for gunshots was the missing piece to their Active Shooter Response Protocols. The system is installed throughout the massive headquarter building, a former mall that the company turned into a unique workplace full of lively colors, game rooms, work spaces and warehousing. The Guardian System is integrated with the Everbridge Critical Event Management platform to automatically send text, e-mail, calls, and desktop alerts with the location of gunshots. This allows building occupants to make the best decisions from their training as well as allows key leadership, often traveling worldwide, the same instant notification to keep them informed in real-time of a shooting event.

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