U.S. Department of Homeland Security New York Active Shooter Response Drill

December 21, 2015
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December 21, 2015 admin


    • The mock drill was held in an unused portion of the NYC MTA station
    • A ten-car subway train was pulled into one side of the platform and drill participants took various roles in the subway car – including straphangers and the mock active shooters
    • Simulated gunfire generated by AR-15 rifles occurred from either the subway platform or from within the subway cars Twelve (12) Guardian system sensors – nine (9) sensors along the platform and three sensors were installed in three separate subway cars (one sensor per car)
    • SDS Gateway Situational Awareness systems were positioned in the Command Center, VIP viewing area, and overflow area at street level and was also available for viewing by remote monitoring sites


  • SDS Gateway system produced instant text and email notifications to Commissioner Bratton, Police and Fire Officials and first responders throughout the course of the event

Drill Scenarios

Scenario One

    • A total of six shot alerts were sent
    • The active shooter began firing the weapon in the central portion of the platform then moved toward the right side of the map (station ‘north’).
  • Guardian alerted first responders outside of the subway within one second of the shots being fired.

Scenario Two

    • A total of eight shot alerts were sent
    • The active shooter began firing the weapon on the right side of the map (station ‘north’) and remained in this location.
  • Guardian alerted first responders outside the subway within one second of the shots being fired.



    • Guardian successfully detected all gunshot events from the active shooter
    • Guardian system produced zero false alerts during the exercise (including during normal subway traffic that occurred throughout the exercise)
    • Reliable cellular phone coverage did not exist demonstrating that the ability to instantaneously report that a shooting occurred was absolutely critical to first responders
    • Without the Guardian system as the primary source of information, the ability to effectively communicate critical shot location information would have been limited to only those who were physically able to escape the shooter and safely exit the facility
  • Real time, factual information sent to law enforcement and building occupants is absolutely critical to saving lives


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