January 7, 2020 Don Martin

Research articles focusing on the impact of active shooters, procedures and technologies:

From the Campus Law Enforcement Journal, published by the International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators, this article from Dr. Myers, former Director of Criminal Justice, Homeland Security and Public Safety & Security Programs at Goodwin College (Ret.) explores the complexity of the active shooter threat on today’s campuses and what campus administrators and safety leaders can do to address the issue.

This paper by Dr. Jonson from Xavier University’s Department of Criminal Justice is a very comprehensive review of safety measures employed by schools and their corresponding levels of effectiveness.

An invaluable, non-biased resource for professionals in the educational domain. Among other evaluations, this Johns Hopkins/Department of Justice technology review reports that; “A major advantage of gunshot location systems is their ability to quickly (and often automatically) notify first responders in the event of active gunfire on school grounds.

This Fall 2021 JAMA research paper is a cross-sectional study analyzing changes in mass shootings in the US during the COVID-19 pandemic. The authors confirmed the strong link to mass shootings and social or economic conditions and although increases in pandemic-related mass shootings were observed in each of the 3 groups of cities defined according to the pre-pandemic frequency of mass shootings, cities with low and high frequency of pre-pandemic mass shootings contributed disproportionately more to the overall increase in the number of people killed.