A Look Inside: Featured Customer Installations

Our customer base is diverse and varied in many ways, but they all have one thing in common: A commitment to the safety and security of their people.

Elementary School Lancaster, TX

Our customers understand that in today’s world, being unprepared for an active shooter event is no longer an option. Many of our customers are career security professionals who place a high value on integrating capabilities into their existing security measures and technologies to protect their organizations against emerging threats. Others choose to install gunshot detection to help them build their very first active shooter response plan from the ground-up, and some are concerned citizens and community leaders doing their very best to ensure the safety of their community’s schools.

Our customer’s facilities vary from are large, open and busy public areas such as airports and museums to standard offices handling the day-to-day business of small and large corporations. Some are secure buildings protecting high value assets and retail stores concerned about the active shooter threat to the public. Some K-12 and university customers have old buildings with odd angles and hiding places and others are new schools built with security and safe evacuation in mind.

The Guardian Indoor Active Shooter Detection System is the common denominator in all these diverse locations. Benign in design and unobtrusive, the Guardian is always on and ready to act. Our customers have chosen Guardian to help security personnel and building occupants make the best decisions in a worst case scenario.

We applaud our customers for taking a proactive approach to the active shooter problem, because together we can make a difference.


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