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The SDS Indoor Gunshot Detection System utilizes dual-mode acoustic and infrared flash detection to detect gunshots fast, with accuracy and minimal false alerts.

Know in time to save lives with Shooter Detection Systems.

It is an unfortunate truth that workplace violence and school shooter incidents continue to rise. With all the solutions on the market – gunshot detection, panic buttons and apps, video analytics and weapons detection – how do you know which is the most effective solution?

Experts agree that reducing response time is what matters most in an active shooter incident. This can only be accomplished when those in direct danger and those responsible for responding to the threat get the information they need FAST – without relying on an operator in the middle analyzing the sound of gunshots – or an operator charged with discerning the shape of a weapon that is already brandished in the environment – before sending an alert. Other systems put these intermediary steps in place because the fact of the matter is, if they automated delivery of gun or shot detection, the false alert rates would be high enough to reduce user and police confidence in the efficacy of the solution.

Learn How Active Shooter Intelligence™ is the SDS Difference

Gunshot Detection Technology

Gunshot Detector Technology

Acoustic and Infrared flash detection. No compromises.

SDS Indoor Gunshot Detection System delivers with the speed and smarts you need to know in time to save lives. We use a combined solution of patented dual-mode acoustic and infrared sensor technology and robust, automated alerting software to help you and your organization make the most informed and timely decisions when seconds matter most. Trusted by leading corporations, universities, schools and airports, SDS is a key part of your gun detection and mitigation strategy.

By combining purpose-built acoustic and infrared sensors with proprietary detection algorithms, Active Shooter Intelligence™ takes machine learning to the highest level of accuracy – more accurate than video analytics or acoustics alone. We combine acoustic detection with muzzle flash detection for maximum accuracy and minimal false alerts. Our processing is all done at the edge, within the sensor, allowing us to avoid human error and alert with unbeatable speed and accuracy. How accurate is our gunshot detection technology? Our customers benefit from an industry leading greater than 99.9% detection rate and a less than 1 false alert per 5 million hours of use rate.

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Why Work With Shooter Detection Systems

Immediate alerts

Immediate gunshot alerts

Know in time to save lives

Real-time alerting means you can instantly notify employees, 911, and first responders when seconds matter most.

Detection Accuracy

Gunshot Detection Accuracy

Detect gunshots with confidence. Avoid false alerts

Statistically speaking, it’s a 99.9% detection rate and less than 1 false alert per 5 million hours of sensor use. SDS Indoor has more hours in use, testing, certifications, awards, and customers than any other gunshot detection product on the market. True dual factor authentication requires both infrared and acoustic signals for detection and verification.

Proven Performance

Proven Gunshot Detection

Proven gunshot detection solution

Validate our performance with testing, certifications, and experience. Trust the leader with 300+ million operational hours in over 500 customer sites and the only red badge SAFETY Act Certification from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security – the highest level possible.

Simple Integration

Gunshot Detection Integration

Connect seamlessly with security systems

Leverage the security assets you’ve already invested in like video, access control, mass notification and other systems to expand incident awareness. SDS supports over 50 manufacture certified integrations – click here to learn more.

Scalable Solution

Scalable Gunshot Detection


Built for organizations of all types and sizes. Scale with ease, speed, and efficiency. At workplaces, schools, airports, and more. No triangulation or calibration required – each sensor is plug-and-play to scale from one to thousands of sensors. The only truly scalable solution, built for organizations of all sizes. Accommodates small installations to multi-site, multi-campus and global enterprises.

Privacy and Security

Privacy and Security

Privacy and Security

Purpose-built microphones that can only hear high decibel, impulsive sounds, not conversations. All audio processed within the sensor – no audio leaves the sensor. SDS is TLS enabled and supports IPV6, plus static or dynamic DHCP for the highest level of IT security.