December 18, 2018 Kendra Noonan

Hooksett Leads New Hampshire as the First School District in the State to Install Shooter Detection Systems

Gunshot detection and reporting system will alert staff, students and emergency officials of an active shooter in any school building

Hooksett, New Hampshire – December 18, 2018 – Shooter Detection Systems (SDS), the leading K-12 school gunshot detection solutions provider, today announced as a part of their multi-faceted  approach to address to the active shooter threat, Hooksett School District is the first school district in the state to install gunshot detection in all of their school buildings. After a careful review of available gunshot detection technologies, the Hooksett School Board and Superintendent selected The Guardian Indoor Active Shooter Detection System due to its proven performance history at other schools across the country its zero-false alert history and its proven, certified technology integrations with the schools’ current security systems.

Built from sniper detection technology used by the U.S. military in conflicts around the globe, Guardian combines proprietary acoustic gunshot detection algorithms and infrared sensors to detect gunshots in the indoor environment without false alerts. Guardian is installed in public and private K-12 schools in multiple states across the U.S. including Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Michigan, North Carolina, Virginia, Texas and California. In the three Hooksett schools, the Guardian System will instantly alert staff, students and emergency officials simultaneously to gunshots fired in the building.

“With this system we can provide students and staff lifesaving information in under a second when reaction time is critical, and it also enables law enforcement to respond straight to the shooter’s location,” said Greg Martakos, Hooksett School Board Member and former Sergeant of the Hooksett Police Department. “Shooter Detection Systems is a practical, proactive solution that upgrades active shooter plans to mitigate modern day threats. We are extremely proud to be the first school in New Hampshire to have this technology.”

ENE Systems of Bow, NH is the Authorized Shooter Detection Systems dealer selected to perform the installation. ENE worked with the school to integrate gunshot detection alerts with additional technologies in order to maximize the incident awareness that gunshot detection provides. In reaction to gunshots, the public address system will automatically alert building occupants, and the video surveillance system will instantly pull live video feed of the incident, giving first responders within the school a visual of the situation in real time. Guardian’s mapping software, displaying the three Hooksett sites and gunshot sensor locations, is monitored both in the school’s security center and at Hooksett PD dispatch.

“The Hooksett School Board and the Hooksett Police Department understand the unique value that only the Guardian System can offer,” said Christian Connors, CEO of Shooter Detection Systems. “They know they can trust our system to detect only gunshots and not false alert, which is the key to automating security actions and initiating police response when every second counts.”

The Hooksett School District is hosting a Safety and Well-Being Forum on January 16, 2019 at 6:30pm at the Cawley Middle School. School administrators and local and state agencies will provide an overview of safety plans, procedures and technology that are in place for the safety of students, staff and community members. Former Chief Justice John T. Broderick will deliver the keynote address and speak about the five stages of mental illness. Representatives from the Hooksett School District, Hooksett Fire, Hooksett Police, Shooter Detection Systems and the Department of Homeland Security will all present.


 About Shooter Detection Systems

As the security industry’s leading provider of gunshot detection technology, Shooter Detection Systems (SDS) is focused on saving lives through the use of proven, military-grade technology designed by the world’s foremost scientists. Developed in conjunction with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and a major defense contractor, SDS’ gunshot detection systems are SAFETY Act Certified by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Approved for U.K. Government Use by the Centre for the Protection of Critical Infrastructure (CPNI), and SL4 Certified by the Australian Government’s Security Construction & Equipment Committee (SCEC). SDS serves customers in markets including K-12 and higher education, corporate, transportation, government, retail, entertainment, utility and manufacturing, and property management. For more information, visit, call 1-844-SHOT911, and follow on Twitter @shooterdetect.


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