This retail customer based in the U.S. Northeast began looking at the Guardian Indoor Active Shooter Detection System to protect their headquarter campus buildings in 2015 after attending a local live fire event hosted by SDS. The internationally known apparel and home decor retailer has since built an extensive Active Shooter Response training program with their 13,000 employees around Guardian gunshot detection alerts. By using the Guardian Simulation & Training Tool and integration with a Mass Notification System the company can practice far more sophisticated drills. Employees receive immediate text and desktop notifications with the exact location of gunshots and path of the shooter. By providing situational awareness in real-time during a shooting incident directly to employees, this customer has empowered their staff to make the best decisions to save their own lives when seconds count.

In addition to their headquarter campus buildings, the retailer has also installed sensors in their distribution centers nationwide. In these locations they have integrated emergency lights that are triggered by gunshots in order to provide employees working in a bustling, loud environment with a visual active shooter alert.

Chief Security Officer

“Our employees asked us to take action, and we did. They feel safer and we’re more confident about our ability to respond to an active shooter situation.”