Providence, RI – The Guardian Indoor Active Shooter Detection System is installed at the “Friendship School” in Providence in both the school and attached Head Start Center offices.

With the Guardian’s sub one-second alerting, Rhode Island’s Providence Police Department will have immediate knowledge of a shooting event at Children’s Friendship School, the city’s local Head Start preschool. The Providence Police Communications Department can monitor the status of gunshot detection sensors anytime on the client system, which shows police a floor plan map with the preschool’s sensor locations.

In the case of shots fired inside the school, dispatch will receive an immediate audible “SHOT DETECTED” alert and screen takeover showing the floor plan and shot location. In the case of subsequent shots, the floor plan will show movement of the shots in a “breadcrumb trail”. Monitoring this system allows police to immediately dispatch officers to the scene with the situational awareness needed to directly address the threat.

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