Wakefield, MA – In 2016, the Guardian Indoor Active Shooter Detection System was installed by Juniors and Seniors at the “Metro Tech” as an Electrical Shop project. During this installation the students learned about Ethernet Cabling, Hardware Installation and IT Setup, and taught the student about components such as infrared sensor and acoustic detection technologies.

The Wakefield Police Department is connected to the Metro Tech’s Guardian System and will receive immediate shot detection notifications on a school floor plan in dispatch. Northeast Metro Tech is the first vocational school in the nation to adopt this technology.

Wakefield, MA: (L) A MetroTech electrical shop student learns how to place the Guardian Sensor on a concrete structure; (R) The MetroTech’s electric shop teacher helps a student understand how the Guardian sensors are networked.

Christian Connors, CEO, Shooter Detection Systems

“We are extremely proud to be a part of the students’ education. They have learned a new and unique skill in the field of Lifesafety Technology, one that will stand out against their peers as they search for employment after graduation.”