October 11, 2019 Kendra Noonan

Integrated Public Safety Solutions Bring Real-Time Active Shooter Intelligence to Law Enforcement

 Genetec’s Public Safety platform brings SDS’ gunshot detection integration with Computer-Aided-Dispatch (CAD) to deliver automated active shooter intelligence into Genetec.


When a gunshot is detected by SDS’ Guardian Indoor Active Shooter Detection System, CAD integration with CentralSquare automates the 911 “call” with shot location information directly appearing in the dispatch queue and on law enforcement’s automobile data terminals (MDT’s). When these technologies are combined with Genetec’s Public Safety Suite, public safety officers receive automated alarms, map location, and camera views near the shooter’s location to expand situational awareness of the event, all on a single pane of glass in real-time.

Read more about CentralSquare and Genetec’s recent announcement in this SSI article.

CentralSquare, Genetec Partner to Bring Real-Time Video to First Responders

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