July 14, 2020 Kendra Noonan

SDS Closes Out 2020 Second Quarter with Record Shipments as Corporations, Banks, Transportation Authorities and Schools Navigate Reopening Facilities

Amidst a pandemic and protests against civil injustices, both gun sales and the active shooter threat continue to rise, and organizations are responding with orders for gunshot detection


SDS reaches record high for sales in June 2020

SDS reaches record high for sales in June 2020

Rowley, Massachusetts – July 14, 2020 – SDS today annouced the company’s most successful month since its 2014 incorporation, with record sales for the month of June. During a time of economic uncertainty for many organizations in the wake of pandemic shutdowns that closed facilities and halted global production and distribution of goods and services, significant purchase orders were collected by SDS to supply gunshot detection. The many new customers obtained during this time include one of the largest call centers in the U.S., a consumer banking and educational lending company, two major transportation authorities, and multiple K-12 schools.

“While I’m proud of the fact that customers choose SDS for our product performance and reliability, they also choose us because we have displayed incredible staying power in the security industry,” said Kevin Lech, Vice President of Operations and Chief Financial Officer for SDS. “The long term visibility, the industry partnerships we have forged, and the respect we have earned from customers give new customers the confidence to choose SDS which is extremely satisfying.”

These orders also follow a trending rise in gun sales. Background check statistics from the FBI, traditionally used as a marker to track gun purchasing behaviors, show that 3.7 million background checks were performed in March. This figure represents the highest number since the tracking system began in 1988. Estimates from Small Arms Analytics and Forecasting (SAAF) found that handgun sales showed a year-over-year increase of 85% in March and then a year-over-year jump of 145% in June.

“Our customers understand that even when there is a new, rapidly emerging threat that demands their immediate attention, the importance of mitigating risks associated with active shooters is still a long term priority,” said Christian Connors, Chief Executive Officer for SDS. “They watch trends like the fears surrounding the impact of Coronavirus, followed by protests and civil unrest and shooting incidents such as one that happened recently in Northern California. Businesses and schools are more vulnerable than ever to shooting threats. The instantaneous, automated information our gunshot detection systems provide puts them in control to respond and manage a shooting incident, versus being reactive to it.”

To learn more about SDS or to obtain a customer reference, visit ShooterDetectionSystems.com or contact [email protected].