May 8, 2017 Don Martin

Reaching New Verticals

Access Systems Integration (Access SI) has been very successful in their efforts to sell the Guardian solution to existing customers, and each success brings them follow-on business and referrals to new customers interested in gunshot detection.

Recognized as a leading enterprise-level security integrator, Access SI is a great example of an SDS Dealer’s versatility, winning jobs with various types of customers. Last month, Access SI was able to capture gunshot detection sales from both a large property management firm in Manhattan and a major pharmaceutical corporation campus in New Jersey.

Founder and President Jim Hennessy and Senior Vice President of Sales Chris Heugle work closely together to promote gunshot detection to their client base. We expect to be working with the Access SI team on an upcoming gunshot detection project for a municipal water utility company in the Northeast.

Congratulations and thank you Access Systems Integration!

Jim Hennessy established Access SI in 2000. The company was acquired by MSA in 2008, and was successful in expanding its product and service line to new markets and regions throughout the nation. In 2015 Hennessy led a management buyout of the company and reverted the company back to the original name, Access Systems Integration.

Chris Heugle joined Access SI in 2011 and plays a major role in their reputation for delivering unmatched systems integration product solutions and support to national clients. Additionally, Chris is responsible for the company’s overall sales strategy, branding and marketing.