March 15, 2016 Don Martin

Shooter Detection Systems Joins ASIS and NFPA Active Shooter Initiative Stakeholder Meeting

Rohr ASISASIS International (ASIS) and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) launched a joint initiative earlier this year to address active shooter incidents, and invited Shooter Detection Systems to join the conversation. These like-minded organizations brought together a comprehensive cross section of security professionals in the life safety industry, including law enforcement, in an effort to address a common goal – how to maximize the safety of human life during active shooter incidents.

At the meeting, the group examined the existing resources available to address the active shooter problem, then discussed what the potential gaps exist that result in an inability to effectively address active shooter incidents. Some significant takeaways and ideas came out of this meeting, such as:

  • Consider extending the SAFETY Act to cover technologies and operational programs that address active shooter incidents
  • Make education available to businesses to help them address the active shooter as a part of their overall life safety program
  • Encourage employees to talk to Human Resources and utilize Employee Assistance Programs to discuss problems before they have an impact on the workplace
  • When considering building design, think about the problem of the active shooter and how architectural standards may address threat mitigation, i.e. sensor technology, lock-down protocols

The group discussed technology as a means to minimize the consequence in active shooter events, and the need for employee training on active shooter and mass alert technologies that might already be in place. As the meeting came to a close, one theme was unanimous – The active shooter threat is massive, and it needs to be considered separately from workplace violence standards and protocols such as the ASIS and the Society for Human Resource Management Workplace Violence Prevention and intervention Standard.

As many of our customers are aware, active shooter incidents are unpredictable and progress quickly with tragic outcomes that distress not only the communities in which they occur, but sadden the entire nation. SDS is committed to being a part of the solution, and we are honored to have been invited to the discussion on how to improve active shooter prevention, training, and response. For more information about the meeting, visit ASIS’ online report here.