SDS Starter Kit

In today’s complex security landscape, determining your organization’s roadmap for gun violence detection can seem daunting. Since 2015, SDS has helped Fortune 100 companies, universities, government agencies and K-12 schools learn about and plan for gun violence in their buildings. That’s why we’ve developed the SDS Starter Kit—a low-cost, entry-level product designed to simplify the adoption of gunshot detection technology.

Heavy on features – light on price

The SDS Starter Kit allows end users to experience the benefits of SDS’s cutting-edge gunshot detection technology in their highest priority locations, without the complexity of a full-scale deployment. Our kit includes:

  • 5 SDS Indoor PoE Sensors
  • ResponderLink: gunshot data to 911
  • SDS Situational Awareness Software
  • Technical Sales Support

Shooter Detection Systems has developed the industry’s most reliable and cost-effective gun violence detection system. Tested and certified by government and independent agencies, SDS instantly gives employees, customers and first responders the lifesaving information they need to react to gun violence in buildings or across campuses.

Request a demo today so you can learn why SDS is trusted by global corporations, schools, and public venues to protect their people against gun violence threats.

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