4 Benefits of Gunshot Detection

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Are video and access control enough to effectively respond to active shooter incidents?

The technology traditionally relied upon to respond to active shooter incidents is video, which is most useful post-event, and some form of access control or lockdown method, which requires trained personnel to intervene quickly – and know where the danger lies – if it is to be effective. This leaves 911 as our best hope to get law enforcement to the scene. Studies have shown there is at least a two-minute delay for a person in danger to make a 911 call. This is where automated active shooter detection, gunshot detection more specifically, can help. Here are just a few of the ways gunshot detection can be effective for active shooter response

It reduces response time.

DHS, FBI, and law enforcement experts agree that reducing response time is a key element to effectively respond to active shooter incidents and reduce casualties. Gunshot detection sensors help by automating the detection and reporting of shots fired within a building. With the right gunshot detection system, you’ll shave precious minutes off your response time and law enforcement can be on their way before the first 911 call.