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Active Shooter
Intelligence inside.

It’s the proven, patented gunshot
detection technology that saves lives.

By combining purpose-built acoustic and infrared sensors with proprietary detection algorithms, Active Shooter Intelligence takes machine learning to the highest level of accuracy — more accurate than video analytics or acoustics alone. And our gunshot detection technology makes every second — actually half a second — really count.

Dual-mode technology. No compromises.

Our dual-mode sensor technology combines acoustic and infrared signal detection to verify and validate that a gunshot has been fired. No other company fully utilizes both. The result: 99.9% accuracy and less than 1 false alert per 5 million hours of use.

Two purpose-built, omni-directional gunshot detection microphones ‘listen’ for a weapon muzzle blast.

High acoustic overpressure performance allows us to handle close proximity, high caliber shots, with near instantaneous recovery.

No calibration needed in any environment. Sensors can tolerate noisy acoustic and IR environments without creating false alarms.

Sound Waves Graphic

Two high-gain infrared sensors are ‘watching’ for a weapon muzzle flash across the entire detection area — no line of sight required. They detect the heat signature emitted from the discharge of a firearm.

Our infrared detectors allow full infrared coverage and offer 10x more sensitivity than typical infrared detectors on the market.

Detects both low and high caliber rounds as well as subsonic and supersonic projectiles.

SDS Indoor Gunshot Detection System Desktop and mobile view

Respond in seconds. No humans in the loop.

The sensor’s high performance Digital Signal Processing provides real-time alerting within ½ second. Then our software smarts take over pinpointing location, notifying employees, 911, and first responders, and connecting seamlessly with leading security applications and platforms to expand your situational awareness.

All shot processing is done locally within the sensor to avoid human error and alert with speed and accuracy.
Extremely low bandwidth requirement for efficient network data transmission.
High-priority alert sent directly to the 911 dispatch servicing the location of the shooting.
Instantly and automatically triggers additional security systems including video management systems and mass notification.
green waveform visual

A gunshot detector. Not a listening device.

Security is our number one priority so we make sure our sensors protect your data, network, and people. For starters, all processing occurs at the edge — no audio leaves the sensor.

Microphones are tuned only for high decibel, impulsive sounds, not conversations.
Only simple TLS encrypted text strings leave the sensor.
Sensor transmits heartbeat messages for a fully-supervised system, sending maintenance alerts and sensor status checks when needed.
User has full control over where messages are sent. We have no access to the system.
Top view of SDS technology

Field of view coverage. No line of sight required.

Gunshot detection sensors do not require a direct line of sight to the firearm, so you can place sensors with coverage in mind.

Two infrared detectors allow full infrared coverage over the entire detection area.
Each sensor provides 40 feet of coverage in a 180° arc spaced 80 feet apart.
2500 square feet per sensor.

9 technology patents.
And counting.

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