Detect and Mitigate Active Shooters at K-12 Schools.And Save Lives.

How does one plan for the unthinkable? Unfortunately, active shooter events have become an all too frequent reality at K-12 schools across the country. And despite the numerous causes and frequency of gun violence in our schools being debated that lie at the heart of this endemic, such heinous events continue to occur with often devastating outcomes.

Although there is no cure for this problem, a comprehensive gunshot detection solution can be effective in immediately detecting an event and pinpointing its location so first responders can quickly mitigate the situation and save lives. The faster and more focused the response, the better. GET STARTED TODAY


Active Shooter Intelligence™ Saves Lives

Shooter Detection Systems (SDS) delivers a unique and comprehensive solution to help K-12 schools be better prepared in the event that an active shooter situation unfolds in their schools. A comprehensive solution, SDS’ Active Shooter Intelligence combines the experienced K-12 gunshot detection consultation and planning support with the best in gunshot detection technology and K-12 emergency response coordination to bring active shooter events to an end as quickly as possible. WATCH NOW

Grant Assistance for K-12 Title 1 Schools

Shooter Detection Systems is proud to offer pro bono grant consulting to eligible institutions. Through this service, Shooter Detection System’s grants consultancy partner will work with your organization at no cost across the following key activities:

  • Organization assessment and pre-grants guidance
  • Recommendation on grants eligibility and competitiveness, including suggested initial grant suggestion
  • Customized grants roadmap, including suggested timeline and activities
  • Assistance in the drafting and refinement of grant content, including project design, budgets, and narrative
  • Initial assistance in post-grant administration


The #1 Choice in Gunshot Detection Shooter Detection Systems is the recognized global leader in gunshot detection technology. SDS’ Active Shooter Intelligence takes gunshot detection to a new level by providing more information, faster and with greater accuracy than before. Here’s how:


Superior Accuracy

SDS delivers the most accurate gunshot detection sensor technology available:

  •  2-factor acoustic and infrared sensing
  • >99% accurate detection rate
  • Less than 1 false alert per 5 million hours
  • Proven performance with 300+ million of hours of operation to date


Automated Detection

SDS sensor technology detects gunshots in real-time to provide detailed information to first responders without delay, saving time and potentially saving lives. 31_SDSK12

911 Emergency Response Solution

Enhanced situational awareness with live communications between SDS gunshot detection experts and 911 dispatchers to provide:

  • Real-time updates on shot location within the school
  • Detailed maps of the K-12 school and campus
  • Real-time communications


Expert Consultation

Our team of experienced K-12 gunshot detection experts will walk you through the selection and installation process from day one and be available for consultation whenever needed. classroom

Integrations with K-12 Security Systems

While the SDS system can operate without integration, SDS gunshot solutions are purpose built for integration with the security and emergency response systems you’ve already invested in to ensure the best possible security and life-safety solution possible. 61_SDSK12

Scalable for Future Expansion

SDS gunshot detection solutions are designed for seamless scalability to accommodate growth at your K-12 school. So, when the time comes to add more coverage areas such as a learning center, gymnasium or auditorium, simply add more sensors without the need to rip and replace your existing system. SDS futureproofs your investment with Active Shooter Intelligence 1_SDSK12


SDS gunshot detection solutions with Active Shooter Intelligence ensure the privacy of faculty and students with audio sensors that only register high decibel, impulsive sounds, and not conversations between students and/or faculty. SDS sensors also have a small footprint and can be mounted on walls or ceilings, making them unobtrusive so young students are not constantly reminded of their presence or purpose.Read More


Shooter Detection Systems (SDS) delivers a unique and comprehensive solution
to help K-12 schools be better prepared in the event that an active shooter situation unfolds in their schools. CONTACT US

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Hooksett School District


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