Reducing Response Time Whitepaper

Reducing Response Times to Active Shooter Events

Reducing Response Time to Active Shooter Incidents with Gunshot Detection

How To Assess and Evaluate Indoor Gun Violence Detection Systems

In the process of educating yourself on what gunshot detection system is right for your building or campus, it is easy to get lost in technical and marketing jargon along the way. This whitepaper will help you clarify how indoor gunshot detections works, it’s value to building occupants and first responders, and what questions you should ask both security integrators and manufacturers before considering purchasing this type of asset.  



It reduces response time.

DHS, FBI, and law enforcement experts agree that reducing response time is a key element to effectively respond to active shooter incidents and reduce casualties. Gunshot detection sensors help by automating the detection and reporting of shots fired within a building. With the right gunshot detection system, you’ll shave precious minutes off your response time and law enforcement can be on their way before the first 911 call.