Shooter Detection Systems Joins the PSA Network

Shooter Detection Systems, an (NASDAQ: ALRM) company and the leading provider of gunshot detection solutions is pleased to announce that it has joined the PSA Network to offer its products to the world’s largest consortium of professional systems integrators.

PSA offers solutions from leading security and audio-visual manufacturers and SDS was added to the PSA Network as part of its commitment to providing the best security solutions to its members and owners. “SDS brings the only indoor gunshot detection system with Active Shooter Intelligence capabilities to our network,” said Matt Barnette, president and CEO of the PSA Network. “This partnership is a valuable addition to our portfolio, equipping our members with advanced and dependable security tools to meet the diverse needs of clients, from small businesses to large companies.”

As the world’s largest systems integrator consortium made up of the most progressive security and audio-visual systems integrators in North America, SDS’ gunshot detection solutions will now be available to PSA members at over 700 branch locations, which employ over 13,500 industry professionals and are responsible for over $4.5 billion annually in security, fire, life safety and pro audio-visual installations. “We are delighted to join the PSA Network, aligning with our mission to make our technology accessible to organizations of all sizes,” said Rich Onofrio, CTO for Shooter Detection Systems. “In the rapidly expanding gunshot detection market, PSA members can now leverage our leading solution to meet increasing customer demand for dependable gunshot detection technology.”

With a long history of pioneering work in gunshot detection, SDS engineers started with military applications and have continued to innovate, producing award-winning commercial products that attract new customers year after year. “We are thrilled to announce our partnership with SDS, a leader in innovative safety technology,” said Brittany Board, director of technology partners of the PSA Network. “Integrating SDS’s proven technology into our product offerings marks a significant step forward in safeguarding our schools and workplaces.”

For more information about this valuable partnership, please visit the PSA website.