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Siemens and SDS

Partnerships make both parties stronger. As an authorized SDS dealer, Siemens can offer their customers leading gunshot detection technologies that complement their products and services. By joining forces, Siemens and SDS are creating safer indoor and on-campus environments. By combining Siemens Siveillance Video with the Guardian Indoor Active Shooter Detection System, security teams and law enforcement immediately know "who, what and where" when gunshots are detected.
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In addition to being an SDS authorized dealer, Siemens is also a certified integration partner and has ample experience installing and maintaining the Guardian Indoor Active Shooter Detection System. Siemens Siveillance Video Management System works seamlessly with the Guardian Indoor Active Shooter Detection System to provide real-time video and assailant tracking data to security teams and law enforcement. To join our growing family of authorized dealers, please visit the partner page of our website.






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The Guardian Indoor Active Shooter Detection System is the industry’s leading gunshot detection and active shooter tracking system. Unlike other solutions, Guardian employs a patented, two factor verification approach to gunshot detection. With over 200 million of hours of use, the Guardian system has a >99.99% detection rate without producing false alerts, making it the most reliable, cost-effective indoor gunshot detection system in the world.

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