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The Industry’s Most Trusted and Effective Gunshot Detection Solution

By combining purpose-built acoustic and infrared sensors with proprietary detection algorithms, Active Shooter Intelligence takes machine learning to the highest level of accuracy — more accurate than video analytics or acoustics alone. And our gunshot detection technology makes every second — actually half a second — really count.

Shooter Detection Systems has developed the industry’s most reliable and cost-effective gunshot detection system designed to help organizations like yours mitigate the impact of a gun violence or active shooter event. Tested and certified by government and independent agencies, SDS instantly gives employees, faculty and first responders the lifesaving information they need to react to gun violence in buildings or across campuses.
SDS Indoor Gunshot Detection System Desktop and mobile view

Why Organizations Choose SDS Gunshot Detection

Rapid Emergency Response: SDS ResponderLink gunshot location technology pinpoints the exact location of shots fired, facilitating a fast active shooter response while providing first responders with enhanced situational awareness.
False Alarm Reduction: SDS combines acoustic shot detection with infrared flash detection to accurately verify and validate that a gunshot has been fired, eliminating costly false alarms and swatting threats.
A Proven Partner: Beyond simply providing an active shooter solution, SDS is a trusted partner, providing comprehensive consultative services and grant support to those who need it.
Easy Startup: Experience the benefits of SDS’s cutting-edge shooting detection system in your highest priority locations, without the complexity of a full-scale deployment with the cost-effective SDS Starter Kit.

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