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  • INTEGRATED: Software House Lighthouse PSIM
  • SELECTED: Statewide Court System in the Northeast
  • HONORABLE MENTION: SIA New Product Showcase Best Product for Counterterrorism ISCW 2017
  • SELECTED: Major Mid-Atlantic Utility Provider
  • INTEGRATED: Software House CCURE 9000 Access Control
  • INTEGRATED: Genetec Security Center, Mission Control
  • SELECTED: Luxury Retail Corporation – NYC Flagship Store
  • SELECTED: Fortune 500 Beer, Wine & Spirits Producer
  • SELECTED: New Jersey Top 5 Fortune 500 “Fastest-Growing Pharma Companies”
  • SELECTED: Massachusetts $30B Fortune 500 Retail Corp
  • EXCLUSIVE AWARD: SAFETY Act Certified by U.S. Department of Homeland Security
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  • SELECTED: Va. Beach Private K-12 School
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  • EXCLUSIVE: Over 16M Hours of Installation Time with ZERO False Alerts
  • AWARD WINNER: GSN Best Active Shooter Gunshot Detection Solution 2016 Homeland Security Awards
  • SELECTED: New York Regional Five-Hospital System
  • SELECTED: Massachusetts County Registry of Deeds
  • INTEGRATED: Everbridge Critical Event Management Platform
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SDS Special Edition:
Guardian featured on the TODAY Show

The World Leader in Active Shooter Detection

Experts have stated that in most active shooter incidents, the time required for security teams and law enforcement officials to respond is what can make the difference between life and death. Shooter Detection Systems (SDS) was formed to help mitigate these risks by providing the most advanced active shooter detection and alerting technology available. For over two decades, extensive development based upon customer feedback has been infused into the core technology behind our products. With over 12,000 gunshot detection systems in use, we are proud to be considered the market leader of a product line that has had a life-saving impact on our customers. That is the inspiration behind our products.

Protecting Critical Infrastructure

The Boomerang Outdoor Shooter Detection System combines state-of-the-art shooter detection technology with an advanced situational awareness system that reports hostile shooter activity in under a second. Developed from the world’s foremost acoustic scientists, Boomerang has been deployed worldwide since 2003 protecting U.S. military forces from sniper attack. SDS now offers Boomerang Spectrum, specifically designed to protect critical infrastructure from shooter-based threats. Boomerang Spectrum is installed and in use at some of the largest power and energy utilities across the nation and is an ideal solution for critical asset protection against rising shooter-based threats, allowing for a rapid, informed, and coordinated response.

Protecting the Public

The Guardian Indoor Active Shooter Detection System, derived from Boomerang’s core technology and developed in conjunction with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), is the only stand-alone, dual-authentication, smart sensor for indoor active shooter events. With Guardian sensors installed throughout school, corporate, government and commercial buildings, critical information is immediately relayed to building occupants—as well as emergency personnel outside—so that the proper steps can be taken to quickly control the situation. By removing the “human factor”, nothing is left to interpretation and life-threatening delays can be avoided.

Meaningful Partnerships

Our expanding network of technology integration and integration partners includes some of the finest from around the world. Our commitment and passion for safety has led SDS to become the gunshot detection solutions provider of choice, dedicated to superior products and satisfied customers across the globe.

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Indoor Active Shooter Detection

gen2_closeup_no-micRevolutionize your security and evacuation response protocols during an active shooter event with The Guardian Indoor Active Shooter Detection System. The Guardian combines the world’s finest acoustic gunshot detection software with gunfire flash detection to produce the fastest and most accurate indoor gunshot detection system available.

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Perimeter Gunshot Detection

Boomerang01Boomerang is the most widely fielded, accurate, and cost-effective gunshot detection system in the world. Boomerang uses advanced acoustic gunshot detection and computer-based signal processing to pinpoint small arms fire and immediately report precise shooter location to authorities in one second without the need for human interpretation.

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