The SDS Starter Kit

Your Simple, Cost-Effective Entry Point to Gun Violence Detection

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It is easier than you think to get started!

In today’s complex security landscape, determining the ideal approach to gunshot detection demands careful evaluation. At SDS, we completely understand how challenging this process can be. That’s why we’ve developed the SDS Starter Kit – an accessible, entry-level product designed to simplify the initial adoption of gunshot detection technology.

SDS Starter Kit Components

Starter Kit Components

Accelerate adoption of your gun violence detection program by starting small. From years of experience, SDS knows that for most organizations, a few key locations is a perfect place to start and instantly raises their security profile. By purchasing the Starter Kit, you have immediate access to over a decade of experience in gunshot detection, plus expert installation and service from a trained and certified SDS Dealer.

Our kit includes:

5 SDS Indoor PoE Sensors
Instant Access to our ResponderLink 911 Service
SDS Situational Awareness Software
Sensor Placement and Technical Support from SDS Sales Engineering Team
Need Advice?

The SDS Starter Kit does not include installation or additional hardware costs. Contact your security dealer or integrator to learn more, or contact us to get connected to an SDS Authorized Dealer near you.

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