Would you send your children to a school without fire alarms? The time has come to look at gunshot detection the same way.

Shooter Detection Systems is committed to protecting our nation’s children and helping schools build safe, healthy and peaceful learning environments with the Guardian Indoor Active Shooter Detection System. Guardian is a system of smart sensors that detect gunfire in buildings and report that a shot has occurred within one second and with ZERO false alerts. Protecting K-12 schools across the nation today, this plug-and-play system is designed to work independently or integrate with your school’s existing technologies to provide School Resource Officers, local law enforcement, staff and students with immediate, actionable information to help make the best decisions when seconds matter most.


A Lesson in Integrating Emergency Communications

Educators today have wide range of tools which can help them dramatically improve school safety. Sheridan School District #2, located close to the metro-Denver area of Englewood, Colorado, was experiencing an increase in violent crime on its campus. Download this informative case study to learn more about the Sheridan School District’s strategy to link video, mass notification, access control and indoor gunshot detection technologies to create a safer school for students and faculty. Read how Sheridan’s administration team focused on a layered approach to campus security. First by removing video limitations, then focusing on improving internal communications and finally incorporating gunshot detection to instantly activate all of these critical tools the second a firearm is discharged within the building.

“If someone fires a weapon within range of a sensor, a
relay triggers the access control system to immediately
lock down the school. At the same time, the relay
triggers the AXIS Audio Manager software to send
lockdown messages to all the speakers in the system,
automatically overriding any other audio that might be
playing at the time. The internal speakers broadcast
lockdown procedures to everyone in the building while
external speakers tell people not to approach the building
because there’s an emergency in progress.”

Mr. Bill Roberts
Johnson Controls


Kim Norcross, Superintendent of Schools, Phoenix Academy

“Ensuring the safety of our students and staff is our undisputed priority, and we recognized opportunities to build upon our existing processes with more capable and responsive technology.”

At a press conference in High Point, North Carolina, Phoenix Academy school officials, representatives of Shooter Detection Systems, and High Point Police Department announce the school’s installation of gunshot detection to directly alert students, staff and 9-1-1 to an active shooter in the school. Watch on WGHP Fox 8 North Carolina below.




Guardian is the industry’s leading indoor gunshot detection system of choice, performance-certified by U.S. and U.K. government agencies and trusted to protect our customers in facilities across the globe.


Acoustic and Infrared validation for ZERO false alerts when every second counts*


All gunshot data processed within the sensor – having no “human in the loop” reduces risk of errors and associated delays


Sub-one second alerting with shot detection location for immediate, informed response


TWO Available Options: Wireless/Battery-Powered or Standard Power Over Ethernet (POE) sensors


Floor plan map of facility with audible and visual shot location information. Instant SMS and e-mail notifications to select recipients


Flush mounted in wallboard or ceiling tile, surface mount box for concrete/brick structures, color matching options

Simulation and Training

Simulate shots and initiate integrated actions in active shooter drills

Testing & Maintenance

Built-in self-test, regular heartbeat messages, instant maintenance alerts, and a patent pending handheld testing device

Performance Certifications

U.K. CPNI Certified; U.S. DHS SAFETY Act Certified; Successful Infosec and Penetration Testing by Fortune 10-500 Enterprises

IP Integrations

Certified, supported integrations with Video, Access Control, Mass Notification, Mobile Apps, Critical Event Management Systems

Contact & Relay Integrations

Panel alarms, Digital Radios, Emergency Lighting, Public Address, Digital Signage, etc.

American Made

Made in the U.S.A. with strict requirements for quality control


The Guardian System is integrated with the security systems you’ve already invested in, providing you with a plug-and-play, scalable system that meets your organization’s unique security needs. Common integrated solutions include automated live camera feed directly to the incident location, initiating lockdown or opening doors for safe egress, mass notifying building occupants, and triggering alarms, emergency lighting, public address and all-call radio systems. Integrated gunshot detection solutions tie together your key security systems into one common operating picture, automating the real-time situational awareness you need when lives are on the line.