Shooter Detection Systems Integrates with Mutualink

Security industry and public safety technology leaders join forces to integrate gunshot detection and location reporting with first responder interoperability system

Shooter Detection Systems (SDS), the security industry’s leading gunshot detection provider and Mutualink, a worldwide leading provider of secure interoperable communications solutions today announced the technology integration between the Guardian Indoor Active Shooter Detection System and the Mutualink Interoperability Platform to rapidly disseminate critical information and improve situational awareness for first responders during active shooter incidents.

Active shooter incidents that have happened in schools, workplaces and public venues have exposed critical gaps in emergency communications between incident locations and the local law enforcement agencies responding to them. SDS and Mutualink have joined forces in an effort to bridge this gap by instantly opening communication pathways between incident locations and law enforcement that will provide the first responder community with real-time situational awareness for a more rapid and informed response to save lives in active shooter events.

Built from sniper detection technology used by the U.S. military in conflicts around the globe, Guardian combines proprietary acoustic gunshot detection algorithms and infrared sensors to detect gunshots in the indoor environment. Unique to the Guardian System, this dual-mode technology detects 100% of gunshots and with zero false alerts, as per extensive performance testing conducted by the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure in the United Kingdom. Customers using the Guardian System include K-12 schools, colleges and universities, Fortune 1000 corporations, public venues, and state and federal government agencies.

With a similar customer base, Mutualink’s business is rapid multimedia communication enablement. When time saved means lives saved, Mutualink helps first responders resolve incidents more quickly through expedited, effective radio and real-time video collaboration. With the drag-and-drop interface, dispatchers, security officers and law enforcement personnel create radio and video bridges. Response is enhanced through fast coordination and enhanced situational awareness.

For locations utilizing the Guardian System, building occupants are instantly alerted to the presence and location of gunshots, allowing them to make informed decisions to save their own lives. When combined with Mutualink, the integration instantly activates a collaboration session with law enforcement communications systems when an active shooter is detected. The Guardian-Mutualink integration will now automate law enforcement communication with onsite security upon the detection of gunshots, delivering real-time situational awareness of the incident by radio, video and text for rapid, informed response. The joint solution allows Guardian customers to choose to establish a communications bridge with law enforcement on the Mutualink system upon gunshot detections. Information can also be shared on an ad hoc basis. The potential for privacy concerns over information sharing between private and public entities is mitigated, as each entity maintains sovereign control over their communications.

“Since 2014 we’ve been delivering our customers a critical missing piece to their active shooter response plans with gunshot detection solutions that communicate immediate, lifesaving information in under one second to building occupants,” said SDS CEO Christian Connors. “Recent active shooter events have emphasized the need to take our mission one step further and integrate with leading public safety technology providers like Mutualink so communities can prioritize information sharing with law enforcement in real-time to save lives during active shooter incidents. SDS views the Mutualink connection to local and federal law enforcement as a major step in alleviating the public to private communication barrier.”

This technology integration brings together two proven DHS SAFETY Act Certified technologies that instantly intersect communications during active shooter incidents with an integrated suite of onsite gunshot monitoring with mass notification, law enforcement radio, video and data collaboration between the incident location and law enforcement.

“Mutualink is honored to be working with Shooter Detection Systems. We feel proud that the combination of technologies offers schools, convention centers and other public and private entities a platform for mitigating threats to their stakeholders,” Mark Hatten, Mutualink CEO, said. “The public deserves technologies that will keep them safe. And the truth is, first responders will also be safer when they have better, faster information about the incidents they are charged with resolving.”

About Shooter Detection Systems

As the security industry’s leading provider of gunshot detection technology, Shooter Detection Systems (SDS) is focused on saving lives through the use of proven, military-grade technology designed by the world’s foremost scientists. Developed in conjunction with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and a major defense contractor, SDS’ gunshot detection systems are SAFETY Act Certified by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Approved for U.K. Government Use by the Centre for the Protection of Critical Infrastructure (CPNI), and SL4 Certified by the Australian Government’s Security Construction & Equipment Committee (SCEC). SDS serves customers in markets including K-12 and higher education, corporate, transportation, government, retail, entertainment, utility and manufacturing, and property management. For more information, visit, call 1-844-SHOT911, and follow on Twitter @shooterdetect.

About Mutualink, Inc.

Mutualink, Inc. strengthens communities by enabling seamless communications with an interoperable communications platform. Consistent multimedia sharing of radio, voice, text, video, and data communications builds relationships between public and private partners in a secure environment. Mutualink’s system is deployed by entities worldwide, including for homeland security, police and fire departments, schools and universities, transit authorities, hospitals, utilities, shopping malls, and casinos. Mutualink is SAFETY Act certified by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security as a Qualified Anti-Terrorism Technology (QATT). Mutualink is a privately-held company headquartered in Wallingford, CT, with R&D facilities in Westford, MA, Mayagüez, PR and Allen, TX. For more information visit

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