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US Patent Office Grants SDS New Patents

Breakthrough technologies aimed at increasing sensor battery efficiency and reducing maintenance costs for customers Shooter Detection Systems (SDS), an (NASDAQ: ALRM) company and a global leader in gunshot detection solutions, proudly announces the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has granted two additional patents to its portfolio of indoor gunshot detection technologies, Patent Read more…

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Enhance accuracy – without ‘line of sight’

Posted by: Stephen Carney, President, Shooter Detection Systems In the field of gunshot detection, accuracy is paramount. However, there are multiple dimensions to accuracy, which include detecting actual gunshots effectively – and almost more importantly – avoiding false positives. SDS’s technology, originally developed for military sniper detection, excels in both aspects. A crucial capability that Read more…

New SDS President Stephen Carney and CTO Rich Onofrio

SDS Welcomes New President Stephen Carney

Shooter Detection Systems (SDS), an (NASDAQ: ALRM) company and a global leader in gunshot detection solutions, is delighted to announce the appointment of Stephen Carney as the company’s new President. Mr. Carney previously served as Vice President of Global Product Management for HID Global. Additionally, Rich Onofrio, former Managing Director of SDS, has assumed Read more…

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SDS Joins Campus Violence Prevention Alliance

Shooter Detection Systems (SDS) has recently joined forces with the ZeroNow alliance, a coalition dedicated to combating school violence and ensuring a safe environment for students and staff. The SDS team of experts, who previously worked on one of the earliest and most successful gunshot detection systems utilized by the military since the early 1990s, is now Read more…

SDS Patent No. US11688414B1

US Patent No. US11688414B1

Techniques for low power gunshot detection are disclosed. Infrared information is collected using a gunshot sensor device. The infrared information is collected using mid-infrared band sensing to provide motion detection.

SDS Patent US11604248B1c

US Patent No. US11604248B1

Techniques for low power gunshot sensor testing are disclosed. An acoustic generator and an infrared generator are disposed in a housing. The housing encompasses the acoustic generator and the infrared generator. The housing covers the gunshot sensor. The acoustic generator and the infrared generator are used for testing a gunshot sensor.

Customer Case Study - Lifesaving Information in under a second - When reaction times can mean everything

Centner Academy Case Study

Protecting Students in a City Environment Centner Academy has two campuses supporting over 300 Pre-K to 8th-grade students and 90 faculty in metro Miami, Florida. Centner Academy’s Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, Ms. Leila Centner, has made the security of her schools a priority by adopting an automated, multi-layered approach. When the school’s security systems Read more…

Customer Case Study - A Comprehensive approach to gun violence in schools - bringing state and local reosurces together to combat gun violence

Hooksett’s Approach to Gun Violence

A Proactive Approach As a part of their multi-faceted approach to address an active shooter threat, Hooksett School District was the first school district in the state of New Hampshire to install gunshot detection in their school buildings. After a careful review of available gunshot detection technologies, the Hooksett School Board and Superintendent selected the Read more…

Customer Case Study - Fortune 500-Sized Protection - Available for school-sized budgets

Fortune 500-Sized Protection

North Providence Public Schools Located just on the outskirts of the city of Providence, RI, North Providence is a community of 32,500 inhabitants. Student to teacher ratio is 14 to 1. Their focus is to provide excellence in education through instruction that is rigorous, engaging, and personalized for each student

Customer Case Study - Open Yet Secure - Protecting 1 26 building campus with gunshot detection

Open Yet Secure

Pinkerton Academy Located just North of Londonderry, NH, Pinkerton Academy is the largest independent high school in the United States. On the main campus, 16 of the school’s 26 buildings are used for academics. Maintaining an open and welcoming environment is a key goal for the school’s Board of Trustees.