SDS Integrates LightAway by VS Energy for Wayfinding

Gunshot detection integration lights the way to safety for building occupants during active shooter incidents

Shooter Detection Systems (SDS), the security industry’s leading gunshot detection provider and VS Energy, makers of LightAway, a patented first of its kind systems integration platform that communicates emergencies via color capable overhead lighting today announced the technology integration between the Guardian Indoor Active Shooter Detection System and LightAway. The technology integration combines rapid, accurate gunfire detection with an overhead lighting system that lights the way for building occupants to get to safety, and for first responders to directly target the threat location.

Active shooter incidents that have happened in schools, workplaces and public venues continue to expose critical gaps in emergency communications, not only for law enforcement, but also for the people that need the information the most, the building occupants. In an active shooter incident shortening response time is critical to saving lives, and the integration between Guardian and LightAway will automate the delivery of lifesaving information fast, and without the need for human intervention.

Built from sniper detection technology used by the U.S. military in conflicts around the globe, the Guardian gunshot detection system combines proprietary acoustic gunshot detection algorithms and infrared sensors to detect gunshots in the indoor environment. Unique to the Guardian System, this dual-mode technology detects gunshots, filters out false alerts and automates the delivery of critical shot location information that cuts through the life-threatening delays commonly associated with active shooter incidents. Customers using the Guardian System include K-12 schools, colleges and universities, Fortune 1000 corporations, major airports, public venues, and state and federal government agencies.

For locations utilizing the Guardian System, building occupants are instantly alerted to the presence and location of gunshots, allowing them to make informed decisions to save their own lives. When combined with LightAway, the integration provides building occupants with a visual identification of the situation in the form of color capable overhead lights that are initiated by the Guardian shot detection. When time saved means lives saved, LightAway helps building occupants understand the emergency, and when possible, directs the occupants out and away from the threat.

“As we see time and again in active shooter incidents, building occupants are frozen in disbelief and confusion during an active shooter incident,” said Christian Connors, President of Shooter Detection Systems. “When we combine the speed and accuracy of our shot detection information with an intuitive visual technology like LightAway, we are giving people a clear path and an even stronger chance at getting to safety when split-second reaction time is critical.”

“LightAway is excited to be working with Shooter Detection Systems” said Mark Sankey, President of VS Energy. “Prevention is the first level in layered protection. Threat detection is the second layer, which is filled very effectively by SDS. The third layer is an active automated countermeasure, which is LightAway, directing building occupants away from the threat, without Law Enforcement Officer or other human interaction. LightAway provides indication of which entry points are deemed safe for First Responders.”

About Shooter Detection Systems

With over seven years of experience in the development and delivery of gunshot detection systems to commercial customers, Shooter Detection Systems (SDS), an (Nasdaq: ALRM) company, is a leading provider of patented gunshot detection solutions for schools, government buildings, transportation hubs, entertainment facilities and businesses of various sizes. The company’s Guardian gunshot detection system is SAFETY Act Certified by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, included in the Catalogue of Security Equipment of the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI), and SL4 Certified by the Australian Government’s Security Construction & Equipment Committee (SCEC). For more information, visit, call 1-844-SHOT911, and follow on Twitter @shooterdetect.

About LightAway 

The LightAway technology is a first of its kind systems integration platform that utilizes our Guardian Gunshot Detection system to not only rapidly identify gunfire within a facility but communicate the situation to building occupants and first responders instantly! When compared to alternative prevention methods, the LightAway technology stands out with its ability to accurately direct building occupants out and away from an active shooter within a facility. This direct communication to the building occupants is like nothing else available in threat prevention/protection technologies. In a LightAway protected building, the overhead lights will light up the path to safety with lights directing the travel pathway. One of the best parts of the LightAway technology with Guardian Gunshot Detection is that no human intervention is required to save lives. Our systems are at the ready 24/7. Ask yourself this, is your building smart enough to save lives?

To learn more about the LightAway technology check out our website and great demonstration videos You will be able to see first-hand how the LightAway technology with Guardian Gunshot detection can identify gunfire and get you to safety within seconds!

For more information visit, call 724-222-2460, and follow us on LinkedIn and Facebook @LightAway.