US Federal Agency Selects SDS

A US Federal Agency that sits under the Department of Justice recently selected the Guardian Indoor Active Shooter Detection System for their headquarter offices in Washington, DC. The agency joins the ranks of several other Federal Government entities and Department of Defense bases using Guardian to protect their people against the active shooter threat.

Most Federal Government agencies, and especially those charged with the arrest and prosecution of major criminals, deploy many layers of security to protect their buildings against domestic terror threats. Much like any office environment, government agencies are also concerned about the rise in workplace violence including active shooter incidents. After reviewing their existing workplace violence prevention program, physical security systems and incident response protocols, the agency determined that an automated active shooter alarm was a necessary addition to avoid life-threatening delays commonly associated with responding to these types of incidents.

Once the decision to obtain gunshot detection was made, the agency began their due-diligence research with visits to other SDS installations in the DC area and undertaking a comprehensive review of alternative gunshot detection systems available. Due to the unique performance characteristics of the Guardian System, including the certified integration with Tyco Security Products’ C-CURE9000, the agency sole-sourced SDS as the vendor of choice for their gunshot detection system project. 

Visit our indoor detection page for more information about Guardian or contact [email protected] to speak to a Federal Government customer reference.