Hooksett’s Approach to Gun Violence

Customer Case Study - A Comprehensive approach to gun violence in schools - bringing state and local reosurces together to combat gun violence

A Comprehensive Approach to Gun Violence in Schools

Bringing State and Local Resources Together to Combat Gun Violence

Hooksett School District

Located between the cities of Manchester and Concord, Hooksett is a community of 14,542 inhabitants. Student to teacher ratio is 13 to 1.

Academic achievement, through constantly improving standards, is the district’s highest priority

A Proactive Approach

As a part of their multi-faceted approach to address an active shooter threat, Hooksett School District was the first school district in the state of New Hampshire to install gunshot detection in their school buildings. After a careful review of available gunshot detection technologies, the Hooksett School Board and Superintendent selected the SDS Indoor Gunshot Detection System due to its proven performance history at other schools across the country, its zero-false alert history, and its certified technology integrations with the schools’ current security systems. In addition to the implementation of the SDS Indoor Gunshot Detection System, the school district collaborated with the New Hampshire Department of Homeland Security, the Hooksett Police Department, and the Hooksett Fire Department to assess the safety needs of the schools along with providing feedback to enhance their emergency procedures. The school district has also trained all staff in first aid, CPR and emergency management practices including active shooter protocols. Additional investments were made in video surveillance systems in each of the schools. Finally, all schools and the administrative office were outfitted with a walkie-talkie system that will enable communication across all buildings throughout the Hooksett School District.