June 3, 2022 Don Martin

SDS Employees Promote #WearOrange in Support of Ending Gun Violence  

#wearorange imageOn June 3rd employees of Shooter Detection Systems took a short break from their duties to contribute their support to the #WearOrange and National Gun Violence Awareness Day.  Please look for our posts and comments on both our company’s LinkedIn and Twitter pages. Your “likes” and “shares” will help us amplify the message. 

SDS’s mission is to reduce the impact of gun violence by giving law enforcement and security professionals critical information – real-time shooter location, progression and fully autonomous communications – during an active shooter event. All SDS employees understand the importance of days like today and want our customers, industry and colleagues to see that we are committed to being part of the solution.

More information on active shooters can be found in our Active Shooter Resources Library, which includes important articles and studies from leading government, professional and educational institutions.